Lack of posting discipline

Of course, as can easily be seen, all of my best-intended plans to post more frequently have failed.  I’ll try yet again to get this up-and-running.

Bad English / Bad English

Looking back on this album, I see it as the first collaboration between Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo. Deen would later join Neail Schon and Jonathan Cain in Journey (as well as many Schon side projects). This group serves as truly an Adult-Oriented Rock (AOR) super-group. Joining Schon, Cain and Castronovo are Jon Waite and […]

Some Music Reviews

I’ve decided to start doing some music reviews on a regular basis.  I want to appreciate my current music collection and share my musical tastes and thoughts.  So, my thought is this: I’m going to randomly select 5 albums per week from my music collection and review them (posting the review on my blog).  Since […]

Music Library Report

I finally figured out how to get a nice iTunes media library report.  It’s quite large and I obviously have some cleanup to do. Here’s the report for the completists out there. With everything going on… I should probably get back to updating my blog.  It’s sad to see just a couple posts in the […]

Linked Blog and Facebook

I think I finally figured out how to link my blog to Facebook.  I need to get back to updating my blog, maybe this will facilitate.

Trying to Post from Word

I’m trying out the newest version of Word (2010) which has a blog posting feature. I was able to register my WordPress blog and now I’m trying a test post.

I don’t get it…

Since when is it controversial for the President to speak to public school students? Is the President of the United States so evil that all of our children must be protected from the words he speaks? I am so discouraged at how our country is handling the current debates. Scare tactics, red herrings, unproven statements […]

It’s the Little Things

My Google Apps for Domains account finally has GMail themes! I love my GMail account (especially through GAD), but I was tired of seeing the plain old email interface. My main GMail account has had themes for quite some time now and I got used to them, so having it on my GAD accounts seals […]

OK, A Political Rant

I’m currently reading “The Soviet Tragedy”, I know it’s geeky, but interesting.  I came across an interesting passage that caught my eye.  The author is discussing the transition from Lenin to Stalin and how Stalin implemented a propaganda state to further the regime.  There is a quote from Lenin: “A newspaper is a collective agitator […]

Just After Sunset

Stephen King A series of short stories from the master himself.  This was a great part-time read… quick short stories that can be easily digested in just 30 minute bursts.  While not all the stories are “the best of the best”, every single one was entertaining.  I would highly recommend this book for any fans […]